Ways to judge fair online Roulette games

By 21 January 2021

Surely you have heard about Roulette and how it counts as one of the most attractive games in casinos. Surely you are fascinated by this absolute classic of a game. With https://www.nz-onlinecasino.xyz you can find out even more about fair and fun games of Roulette online for players in New Zealand. If you want to know more, it is time to read on!

More than red and black

Some of the basics about Roulette should be well known. There are 36 numbered pockets in each wheel, with an equal number of red and black pockets. Once the ball is thrown into the wheel, no further bets can be placed. This is when the game reaches its climax - have you made the right choices, been clever enough to guess the right number(s)?

  • Experience a game of more than numbers
  • Learn more about the different variations

But there is so much more to it. Roulette is also a meeting point for people in a casino. If you want to live up to this in an online casino, the live casino is your place to be. It offers you an experience of its own that you definitely have to check out if you have not done so yet.

What makes Roulette a fair game?

Now, fair games in a casino are usually defined as games where the outcome is purely random. For Roulette, this means that the wheel must be absolutely perfectly balanced, because otherwise certain numbers would bring an advantage. Regular maintenance of the furniture is thus very important to enable games that are fair for everyone and not just those in the know of certain deficiencies.

Online casinos of course use random number generators (RNG) instead of actual wheels for Roulette. But that does not mean that these would not have to be checked all the time. A good RNG gets assessed regularly and holds a sign of approval from independent auditors. Also, reputable licences prove that casinos and their games, including Roulette, are fair for everyone.

American and European Roulette

This is the key part about getting to know Roulette. Actually this is less about fairness, but about the layout of the game. American Roulette has the 36 numbered pockets in red and black, as well as two green pockets. One is the 0, the other one the 00. This leads to a house edge in favour of the casino of just over 5 %.

  • American Roulette has a higher house edge
  • Higher house edge does not mean it is less fair

The European or French versions however have only one green pocket. The probability that theball disappears in this green pocket, which "belongs" to the casino, is lower than with the two green pockets of the American game. The lower house edge automatically means that the chances of winning are higher for the players. On the whole however, both versions are equally fair.

Games from the best developers

The casinos on the internet of course do not design the games themselves. They obtain this software from specialized companies who do nothing else than to design games. These days, this software stands out with very high resolutions, a lot of detail in the graphics and also eye-catching backgrounds, which make the games ever so slightly more entertaining for all the interested players.

Also, the designs are sometimes themed, to create an even more eye-catching environment. Compared to slots for example, the design might still not be quite as exagerated. But the efforts that the developers make to create more and more colourful games are clearly visible. Not all the Roulette games are the same - and the days when the only difference was the extra 00 are gone.

Extra fair games - in the live casino

You don't trust machines or you absolutely need to see human hands dealing with the ball while playing Roulette? Don't worry, because online casinos have you covered in this case too. A live casino is your place to go then. And you can not only play your favourite Roulette there, you can sometimes also chat with other players on the same online table.

  • Enjoy the real deal with live casinos
  • Live dealers lead the games

Games in a live casino are filmed and streamed directly to wherever in New Zealand you are currently playing. The live dealers are actual casino dealers who deal with the ball and the chips in the most professional manner. Get your headphones on and find out what it feels like to play casino games live on the internet. Join your live casino now!