A Comprehensive Online Slot Guide

By 21 January 2021

Enter into the game room of any online casino today, and one of the most likely game categories that you will see first is video slots. Slots is an interesting casino game that many players in all corners of the world love to play. What makes the game interesting is not just the gameplay and features that have been added to it, but also the fact that players can get a chance to win big while playing it. Visit firesnoop to find the best video slot casino sites.

The Basic Layout of a Video Slot

If you've not played a slot before, the first thing that will catch your attention when you load it on your device is the game's playing grid. This grid is a layout that often comes in rows and columns. Some slots such as classic video slots have 3 rows and columns attached to them. There are also other advanced video slots with up to 7 or 8 rows. The playing grid of an online slot is also where the different symbols that have been included in the game are displayed.

Every online video slot game comes with varieties of symbols which are usually categorized as high and low paying symbols. Each of these symbols also has a value of their own that determines what the payout will be if you get lucky to land the right combination on the game grid. If you want to know the type of symbols included in a casino slot game, you can simply proceed to reveal the paytable information menu which the developer has added to the game.

Placing Bets on a Video Slot

In this section, we'll be explaining how bets are placed in video slots. The good thing about playing slots online is that the developers usually include the rules to follow while playing it. They also design it in such a way that players can find it easy to play. To place a bet on an online slot game, all you need to do is specify the amount you are willing to wager in the bet size section that is often below the game grid. Here are common types of slots:

  • Multiplier Slots
  • Classic Slots
  • Progressive Slots
  • Branded Slots

A few versions of slot games such as those from Netent often come with a bet level and coin value. You will need to specify these two values to set the amount you prefer to wager. It is important for players to know that there is a minimum as well as the maximum amount of money they are allowed to bet per spin. There are also different buttons such as the Max Bet and Autoplay which makes it easy for players to play the game.

Bonus Features of Online Video Slots

Another notable aspect of online video slots worth mentioning is the bonus features which many game developers have included in their slots. These bonus features are mostly attached to some specific special symbols like the scatter and wild symbols. The purpose of the bonus features differs from one to the other. Some allow you to play an extra round on the slot for free such as the free spins feature. As for the multiplier features, it allows you to win more money during the game.